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Attend our monthly events in El Paso, TX

At BCW we want to create a new and inspiring experience each month for our customers. Each month we will provide El Paso and surrounding areas with a new theme where we bring in new merchandise and design beautiful vignettes throughout our quaint and cozy boutique.
BCW Vintage Affair Dates

  • "Summer Market Days" -- June 1st - 4th and July 6th - 9th
  • We hope that each month our customers will come in and experience a new transformation and be able to envision similar ideas and the possibilities in their personal spaces.
    When you visit us, you'll have the chance to explore vintage and repurposed furniture that matches a unique theme. Our themes consist of:
    Seasons | Holidays | Special events
    With our help, you can keep your home looking stylish all year long.
    Head over to our social media pages to find out when our next monthly event will take place.